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Art Promotion Office

Our understanding of nature—including its various intricate forces that keep the world running—remains vague like a cloud of mist. Through our co-existence and competition with the environment, we always feel things are driven both by chance and inevitability…

Humans have made scientific progress by leaps and bounds for close to four centuries, yet their theories are mostly expressed in mathematical formulas and geometric shapes. For the layman, science can still be mysterious, obscure, and inaccessible.

As we seek to deconstruct the universe, we never cease our pursuit of art to fill the void between survival and everyday life. Simply, scientists are driven by human curiosity to discover external phenomena; while artists express personal emotions by tapping into their romantic musings and imagination. Gustave Flaubert once wrote: “The farther, the art becomes more scientific, and science more artistic: having parted at the base, they will meet someday at the top.” If art is a vessel, it can become an expressive language for science; it's not about precision, but the shared emotions that connect us all as one. Science and art are like a pair of intimate dancers, each able to hold their own while shaping their partner’s moves. The result is a creative force greater than the sum of the two.

“The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art” exhibition is a programme of “Art@Harbour” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Art Promotion Office and Science Promotion Unit would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to the Hong Kong Jockey Club for their enormous support for this exhibition. The Art Promotion Office would also like to thank all the guests who have participated in this exhibition, including guest curator Alan Cheung and the six groups of artists led by him—Chun-kit Cheuk, HIR Studio, Napp Studio & Architects, New Office Works, Studio RYTE and Whiteground. We are thankful to Sunny Wong for his stunning visual communication design, our art tech partner Juicyapp for creating a special online interactive platform, and a cohort of young, talented artists—Brenda Hui, KK Leung and—for their remarkable floor graphics.

By combining art and science, let us transform Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade into a laboratory for artists and a studio for scientists, where the two can meet and create endless room for imagination.

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Science Promotion Unit

Science Promotion Unit (SPU) was established in the LCSD in April 2020 with the objectives of popularising the knowledge of science and technology and raising the scientific literacy level of the general public, integrating the concept of science into everyday life, and providing the milieu for creativity and scientific innovation.

This time, SPU and the Art Promotion Office (APO) join hands to organise “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art” exhibition which is exclusively sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club with the theme of science and art. We have commissioned various local artists for the creation and installation of aesthetically appealing artworks that integrate science and technology at the Tamar Park and Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section). The exhibition aspires to reinvigorate our city with vitality and creativity with the backdrop of the glorious Victory Harbour.

SPU has engaged the local cross disciplinary artist Mr Wong Wang-tat, Victor to create a series of large-scale outdoor installations named Decoding Nature, featuring sea creatures and the mathematical structures in nature. Through the representation of the sea creatures’ morphology with the ingenious application of luminescent materials, various materials and colours, we wish to share with the public the messages of sustainable development, the beauty of our nature and science can be found and employed in art too.

SPU will also organise a series of engaging educational activities including online guided tours, scientist-sharing sessions, science demonstrations and creative art workshops for students. It is hoped that the “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art” exhibition and the associated public programmes can inspire you and foster your appreciation of science in art.

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Exclusively sponsored by


Mr Leong Cheung
Executive Director, Charities and Community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Science and art are indispensable in our daily lives. Their integration is a driving force for the progress of human civilisation. Therefore, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is honoured to be the Exclusive Sponsor of “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art” exhibition. By offering novel artistic experiences to our citizens through various creations incorporating elements of scientific theories and art, the showcase aims to sustainably promote community arts and culture to build a vibrant, vigorous and creative Hong Kong.

A myriad of distinctive works will be featured in Tamar Park as well as the Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section) to present the close relationship between science and art. They serve to increase public interest in and awareness of art and scientific knowledge. Virtual space, augmented reality (AR) and other technologies aim to enhance the interactivity of the exhibits, broaden horizons, and inspire viewers to explore the things around and natural phenomena. They seek not only to promote artistic appreciation, but also to nurture talent in the sector. This, in turn, will enable audiences and art practitioners to find insights and resonance from each other, as well as to advance local art tech alongside the cultural and creative industries.

Since its launch in 2012, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series has brought our citizens an array of world-class masterpieces from different places and times, showcasing Chinese and Western histories and cultures, as well as technological achievements. As this year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Club supports a series of celebratory initiatives, including this exhibition, with approved donations of HK$630 million. These programmes are intended to instil more positive energy in our society.

Over the last 25 years, the Club has grown together with the community, creating one of Hong Kong’s most iconic and global brands. Being a world-leader in the sport of horse racing and also one of the ten largest charitable donors in the world, the Club is resolute in pursuing its purpose of acting continuously for the betterment of our society, all in support of creating stronger communities together.

The Club has spared no effort in promoting the development of art, culture and conservation in the city. We are dedicated to building a culturally vibrant Hong Kong, enriching lives and promoting social inclusion. One typical example is Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts, which has been conserved and revitalised by the Club in partnership with the Hong Kong SAR Government. It is encouraging to see that since opening in 2018, Tai Kwun has welcomed over nine million visitors. The Club’s support for all of its charity donations is made possible by its unique integrated business model, through which betting and lottery revenue are returned to the community in the form of tax payments and charitable donations.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Hong Kong SAR Government for its consistent support for The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series. My thanks also go to Art Promotion Office, Science Promotion Unit of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and all participating partners for their efforts. I wish this exhibition resounding success, and all visitors many memorable moments as they experience the truth-and beauty-seeking spirit of science and art while “checking-in”.

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Leong Cheung
Executive Director, Charities and Community
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Curatorial Statement

Alan Cheung
(Guest Curator)

''lnnovation hinges on our ability to see things differently''. Two seemingly different disciplines, art and science, are the perfect duo to help us to see things from a new perspective. Organised by the Art Promotion Office and the Science Promotion Unit, the “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art'' public art project aims to celebrate creativity through this unique combination.

Artists use technology as a medium of expression; scientists look for novel ideas through repetitive experiments. Da Vinci once said, “To develop a complete mind: study the science of art; study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.” The interplay of art and science allows us to experience art in an unexpected manner, through this understanding, we can learn and innovate.
“The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art” exhibition invited a group of Hong Kong artists to create a series of artworks at Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade to reinterpret the relationship between art, science, and technology. Under the umbrella of three physics concepts Colour in Light, Density in Optics, and Force in Motion the artists enriched and integrated their artworks with mathematical formulas to include educational content. Drawing on the picturesque view of Victoria Harbour, the exhibition showcases six innovative installations that harmonise art and science, which will change public perceptions and encourage interaction with art and the park, providing a brand new experience. Through collaboration with our art tech partner and visual communication artist, site-specific tech initiatives and events will be introduced during the exhibition to engage the public beyond physical space, and fuel their imagination. Inspired by physics concepts, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about, and embark on a new understanding of the connections between science and art, perhaps evoking childhood memories of physics lessons.

Alan Cheung is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of One Bite Design Studio. He was graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong for both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Architecture and is a registered architect in Hong Kong with 15 years of experience. Leading the first B Corp in Hong Kong from the architectural industry, he and his team at One Bite bridges commercial & public sector with the community through their creative ideas. Alan brings collaborative creations that are grounded in human-design thinking, to connect people to the space in their community and strengthen the social fabric. He focuses on public space, social design and cross-disciplinary creative strategy.

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Alan Cheung
(Guest Curator)