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Tamar Park & Central and Western District
Promenade (Central Section)

Until 18/12/2022 Until 18/12/2022



Guest Curator
Alan Cheung

Participating Artists
Chun-kit Cheuk
HIR Studio
Napp Studio & Architects
New Office Works
Stuido RYTE

Visual Communication Artist
Sunny Wong

Art Tech Partner

Cross Disciplinary Artist
Victor Wong


To mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with the exclusive sponsorship of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Art Promotion Office and the Science Promotion Unit under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department organise “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Science in Art” exhibition as part of the “Art@Harbour” initiative. We invited a guest curator and commissioned various local artists and a cross disciplinary artist to create nine sets of large-scale outdoor art installations in Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade, blending art, science and technology, drawing on physics, engineering and mathematics. The installations have lighting effects that illuminate Victoria Harbour in a play of light and shadow. Juicyapp, our art tech partner, designed an application incorporating generative art. These innovative artworks encourage the audience to engage and interact with them, experience art from a unique perspective, appreciate the wonders of nature, and recognize the significance of sustainability. Three floor graphics by young artists weave the artworks together, creating a unique exhibition space. Visitors can meander through the park, embracing the surprises resulting from the fusion of art, science and technology.

During the exhibition, the Art Promotion Office and the Science Promotion Unit will organise a series of online and offline extension activities, such as online guided tours, artist and scientist sharing sessions, and quizzes, to take the public on a fun and immersive learning journey exploring the realms of art and science.