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Water Capsule Submarine

New Office Works

Artist Statement

Water Capsule Submarine highlights the relationship between land and water. Located at the Central and Western District Promenade, this artwork takes the form of a single dew droplet that appears on the lawn. A submarine-like space carved into the water droplet frames and captures the city’s skyline, filters the surrounding landscape through a ripple texture and invites the audience to experience the city underwater. Constructed out of a double inflatable skin, visitors can see and be seen through the rippling water.


Light plays an important role as well. During the day, the translucent double-layered curved envelope reflects and refracts the sun, casting the ripple texture onto the grass. At night, the water droplet becomes illuminated, a reminder of the precious value of water to the city.

  • Evelyn Ting & Paul Tse
Artist Biography

New Office Works (NOW) is a Hong Kong based architecture and design office devoted to the production of inventive spaces and objects. The office addresses the desires of contemporary life with the history and culture of our surroundings. From buildings and interiors to art installations and furniture, each project encompasses an exploration of detail and material. NOW has won numerous architecture competitions, such as first prize in the inaugural Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition and second prize in the Busan Opera House International Open Competition. The office is also recognised by various design awards such as the Perspective’s 40 Under 40 Award, DFA Design for Asia Awards and Architecture MasterPrize.