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The Interplay


Artist Statement

Art and science are methods to explore and understand the world around us, both bringing hope to the world via continuous trials and experiments. In the same vein, we used “lights” as the theme for our art installation and created a unique space with a parabola of light stripes. As the lights orbiting the luminous sphere, it imitates the pattern of Strange Attractor, a famous mathematical concept that shows the order in chaos. We aim to create a special visual experience to all visitors through the motion of lights, to make them feel like they are in space for a break from the bustling city.

  • Chris Tsui
  • Jason Kwan
  • Alison Chan
  • Edward Fang
Artist Biography

Whiteground is a multi-disciplinary design practice striving for consistency with refined languages. It consists of seasoned and forward-thinking architects and designers who strive to break the conventions with their expertise in architecture, interior design, branding and graphic design.


They believe constant processes of trial and experiments lead to the new discovery of storytelling and identity. They aim to challenge the norms by exploring the use of visual expressions in spatial design contexts that exceed people’s expectations.